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The Essential Life Insurance for a Happy Life

We were all astonished to hear the lawyer spell out the monetary benefits that we grandchildren were entitled to after the death of my grandmother. She had not left a will but all her grandchildren were named as her nominees for the life insurance she had done. I had well employed that money in my business and the returns today are great. Thanks to my grandma.


To get a life insurance for myself was so easy because there are plenty of agents more than willing to get your life secured. The moment you buy insurance, the risks to your life are well covered. Since the coverage would decide the premium that I would have to pay, I decided to be reasonable at first. The risks covered were accidents both at home and outside. Even the death benefits are good I realized.


For my sister, the premium was a little more than mine because she is elder to me. Age is definitely a deciding factor when you buy insurance. Moreover, the period of insurance also determines the premium amount. In certain cases death due to pre existing disease is exempted from the insurance benefits. Suicide cases do not benefit from the insurance at all. It was a good thing that I had to do several medical check ups before I could get insurance. Naming my nieces as my nominees, I felt happy that some day they will enjoy the benefits of my insurance. All of us who are responsible family members, must opt for life insurance!


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