Facts about Boat Insurance for Buying Peace for Yourself

A very close friend of ours who had bought a boat recently, invited us to a party on his boat last November. For me it was the first party on a boat. Though I was thrilled at the idea, I would also admit that there was a lurking fear attached to it too. The water was rather turbulent and the waves quite rough on the D day. Fear was written all over my face after sun down. The coastline was far and the wind was wilder.

 Rescuing me from the gripping dread with his enlightening narratives of the sea, I soon got over the fright. It was he who told me that the most important thing for a boat owner was to get insurance done. That keeps his boat secured against mishaps on the water. He further explained that when you buy insurance, you actually buy a bit of peace for yourself. The depreciation cost due to usage and the regular maintenance costs are all covered up by insurance.

I came to know that accidents that occur due to fire and capsizing can result in the loss of lives or may leave the crew injured. The boat insurance pays for the entire medical expenses that result from these accidents. Not just accidents, even thieves trouble the boat owners on land. Frequent thefts at the docks are a common occurrence. We were almost near the shore when my friend told me how the insurance had once helped him recover the damaged cargo after a massive collision with another boat.


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