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Why It Makes Sense to Have Business Insurance

I am a shop owner dealing in commodities some of which are necessarily heavy and weighty. And in spite of warnings in front of these items (Careful! Heavy Stuff! etc.) and helpful salespeople around, I find that many customers tend to treat these warnings with disdain( and, remarkably, it’s the one with kids who do this the most and the kid inevitably drops something or the other on his foot and I am to be blamed!!)


Initially I was skeptical of the hundred types of insurance which these companies bombard us with and I had always refused to get insurance for my business.  But after one incident too many in my shop where I was unfairly harassed by clients for being responsible for their injury in my shop, I gave in to common sense to avail myself of business insurance. And not just any plain business insurance but with a case of ‘too many times bitten, finally shy’ I got included in my business policy, the ‘general liability insurance’.


This insurance is a form of protection for commercial business people to save themselves from debilitating financial costs from lawsuits filed by people claiming to have got injured or something of theirs having got damaged  while on your commercial premises.


Ever since, I decided to buy insurance for my business and invested in this ‘general liability insurance I have stopped having sleepless nights(and, can you believe it, the number of so-called injuries in my shop has gone also gone down- just my luck!)


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