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Vehicle Insurance – Get vehicle insurance immediately on purchase.

I was pretty excited as I was purchasing my first car. Besides weighing the pros and cons of car mileage and maintenance cost, I was advised to get insurance papers ready at the time of purchase. Everyone, including the car sales personnel, recommended that I should customize and buy insurance on vehicles which offered additional coverage on items like electrical and non-electrical fittings. It was suggested to me that I could get electrical items fitted and obtain the vehicle insurance policy under a separate expense category.


Studying the major vehicle insurance companies catering to all types of heavy as well as light vehicles such as automobiles and trucks, etc., I realized that most insurance companies offered comprehensive insurance coverage for vehicles which may entitle me to huge savings. My friends supported my idea as they claimed that vehicle insurance provided financial cover against damage or theft inflicted on the insured vehicle or to another person’s property in the event of an accident.


Considering all the benefits of vehicle insurance coverage, I opted to buy insurance as soon as my new car was ready for delivery. Immediately, I along with my friends started going through all vehicle catalogues to obtain the cheapest quote that would be affordable to me. As a first hand experienced person, my suggestion to potential car owners is that be aware of the major companies offering vehicle insurance. Secondly, speak to their representatives and review their brochures to avail of the best options in terms of finance and coverage. Do not be swayed by the “sales talks” but arrive at a prudent decision after a comprehensive study of their policies.

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