Buying Motorcycle Insurance for Peace of Mind

I always used to think that since I am a careful motorcycle driver I didn’t need a specific motorcycle insurance but boy! Was I wrong! I learnt my lesson the hard way (literally) when I was knocked down by a guy trying his Harley Davidson stunts on a fairly crowded lane and damaged my bike and not to say my pride! And the irony was that both us knuckleheads (yes, I blame myself too) were without any type of motorcycle insurance.


So, after a good lecture from my parents to get insurance I finally decided to buy insurance especially for my motorcycle. And amongst others, the one type of coverage which my Dad insisted upon including was the uninsured motorist coverage. This was in light of the fact that the guy who knocked me down was also uninsured and this policy would act as a protection from future, if any, such mishaps.


Under this policy, I am protected if either I or my passenger gets hurt by an uninsured motorist. The company from which I purchased this policy also had property damage covered in that insurance. This effectively means that my motorbike also gets protected under similar circumstances.


Many companies do not offer this option and the property damage coverage has to be bought separately. This incident has made me realize that safety gear and careful driving is not enough protection and some sort of motorcycle insurance is a must if you do not want to shell out lots of money on medical bills or repairing your motorcycle.


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